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West Bengal, India
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West Bengal, India

We understand the value of time. Hence, you can always be rest assured that the outstation taxi you have booked from us will pick you up dot on time and take you to your chosen destination swiftly. At the same time, passenger safety is a top priority for us and we take extra precaution so that you reach safe and secure.
We believe in giving our customers the freedom to choose a price that suits their pocket without comprising on quality of service. We offer a range of taxi fares depending on distance, type of vehicle, onboard facilities, etc.
Our taxis also attend to package delivery requests from customers. We offer the best-in-the-industry tariffs which come with the assurance of timely and secured delivery of packages to the chosen destination.
"Plan is most affordable plan in india. Check out our fleet and pricing section on top for more detailed information and if you are a bike enthusiast."
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Upload your personal details along with that of the vehicle you wish to engage. We’ll let you know about the kind of vehicles we require which may vary from region to region. Choose your preferred region/destination.
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All our drivers/Taxi Travel Agent have to undergo a comprehensive screening process. Therefore, you need to upload your valid driver license, vehicle registration/permit/insurance papers along with other relevant information.
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On successful clearance of driver/vehicle screening, you’ll get our approval post which we’ll provide you all the necessary back-up so that you can start off as an independent taxi associate of MJT.